Sales Coaching & Sales Team Development

Let’s make some money!

I am all about impact and I’ve found the best way for me to do that is to help motivated SALES CLOSERS become A players and empower PERSONAL BRANDS to build and equip powerful sales teams that get results and drive revenue!


If you’re a High Ticket Sales Closer looking for coaching and training then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re relatively new , looking for a quick fix or someone to tell you that you’ll be making $30k+ in 15 days then look elsewhere because becoming an A player takes work and time. If you accept that and put in the work, no doubt I can help you crush it and make killer money.

If you’re already doing well but know there is room for growth and your hungry to be in the top 1% category then we should chat for sure. The fact that you are here and not settling shows me you have potential, so let’s get after it!


If you’re a business owner or personal brand that has been doing sales yourself or has a small team that’s not getting the results you want then we should definitely chat. I am specially focused on personal brands that have grown a good following and are ready to significantly increase their revenue by fine tuning their offer, their process, and ultimately building a crazy good sales team to take things to the next level.

If you have a great following and you have a great offer then let me help you pull on the most important lever to make you some serious money and grow your business.

About Bob Elster

Bob has been in the high ticket sales industry for more than 12 years. He has sold numerous kinds of offers, such as, business coaching, life coaching, digital marketing, real estate investing, budgeting and finance coaching, online trading, and many more. He has always been a top performer when selling and loves empowering others to do the same. Unlike a lot of coaches out there, he is the real deal, with real experience, and still occasionally jumps in on a deal to help his clients.

Bob has created, coached, and managed high ticket sales teams who excel and have brought in millions of dollars. He builds a powerful and unique culture that has a great balance of authenticity, positivity, high expectations and healthy competitiveness.  Whether you need coaching as a closer or are personal brand looking to grow Bob can help.

On top of his high tickets sales experience Bob has extensive experience coaching owners on multiple facets of their business and helping them lead well.  He is an expert in the business growth space and so when you bring Bob on to help you grow your team, he will become a resource in many other ways.


Sales Experience

Bob has been selling high ticket offers for more than 12 years. I know this is is hard to believe but Bob has always been the #1 closer on every deal he has been on! Bob focuses on the root principles to great sales results.

Bob has helped many business owners in multiple industries accomplish significcant growth. This expertise will be invaluable for you as a personal brand as you seek to grow and establish your business.

Just because someone is good at sales or understands sales does not mean they can effectively help others do the same. Bob has 3 different coaching certifications and has been coaching for more than 12 years.

More importantly than anything, Bob is all about honesty, transparency, and integrity. If you are looking to lie or deceive to get results look elsewhere because Bob is committed to doing it the right way!


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